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I’m Saga West and I’m an art director and a retired rock star.

When a member dropped out of my band and we were only three left we had to rearrange our positions when playing live. I convinced my band that we had to look symmetrical on stage so I built a drum set made for standing up so we could stand in a row. Solving problems and making things look good, that’s what I do. 



2019 August – now

Art Direction student at Berghs School of Communication

  • Creative intern at ad agency AKQA (2021 February – 2021 March)
  • Creative intern at ad agency Garbergs (2020 November – 2020 December)

2019 June – 2019 August

Graphic Designer at Campadre.

2017 August – 2018 June

Motion Creative student at Hyper Island.

  • Creative intern at ad agency Tillsammans (2018 March – 2018 June)

2016 January – 2017 September

Full time Marketing Manager at Somarketplaces AB / CLIQUE (Mobile app). I mainly worked with graphic and UI design – but I also managed their social media platforms.

2015 June – September

Full time PR intern at Carin Wester (fashion brand). Responsible for updating their social media channels and handling the online shop.

2013 August – August 2020

Full time drummer in Dolores Haze (band). Signed to record label Warner music.

2014 January – December

Co. founder of Seaweed Magazine. A personal project, part time.

feel free to contact me anytime, anywhere